Do you want to have peace of mind that your vegan kids are meeting all the nutrients they need? 

Do you want to know which nutrients require supplementation and the exact amounts your child needs for their specific age?

Are you
unsure of what brand to buy for your individual child and whether a multivitamin or probiotics is needed?

The Supplement Guide for Vegan Kids

is the ultimate guide to help you feel confident you're providing the right supplements and amounts at each stage of your child's growth

Whether You're...

  • Unsure of what supplements are necessary and non-negotiable in your vegan child’s diet
  • Feel lost at which specific brand is best for your vegan child 
  • Looking for clarity on when to start each supplement and how much to offer, with a simple-to-follow schedule

With the Supplement Guide you’ll have a comprehensive guide on how to supplement your child’s vegan diet to support their growth and development, from birth to 18 years of age

Get on the Fast Track to Confidence

Whether you’re just starting out your transition to a vegan diet with your family or want to ensure you’re providing the right amounts to your vegan kids, the Supplement Guide is designed to bring you:

  • Clarity knowing exactly what vitamins and minerals need to be supplemented on a vegan diet with easy-to-read charts
  • Reassurance you’re providing the right dosage based on your child’s age and eating pattern
  • Confidence as a vegan parent to continue meeting your vegan child’s nutrient needs beyond their early childhood

Stop worrying if you're missing a key nutrient

Let me save you the overwhelm of figuring it out on your own

The Supplement Guide gives you the exact plan you need to ensure your vegan kids are getting the proper nutrients throughout their childhood and adolescence years.

You’ll also receive lifetime updates. Whenever any new research comes up for meeting a vegan child’s nutritional needs or new supplement brands on the market that may be a good fit for your family, the Supplement Guide will be updated at no additional cost to you.

Here's what you'll get inside the Supplement Guide

  • Guide on the 5 supplements that are needed
  • What role does the nutrient have
  • How much do they need at each age
  • How much to supplement
  • When should you consider supplementing or what age should you begin
  • An easy-to-follow Supplement Schedule so you know exactly what supplement to give for your child's age
  • A list of brand recommendations for supplements in the USA, UK, and Canada
  • Considerations for other nutrients on whether they need to be supplemented
  • Everything you need to know about multivitamins and what to look for if providing one to your child
  • Tips on how to help your child take and accept a supplement

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the Supplement Guide include brand recommendations?

    Yes, the Guide will include brand recommendations for all ages and brands that can be found in the USA, UK, and Canada.

  2. Is the Supplement Guide a separate product from other offered courses?

    The Supplement Guide is only included in the Vegan Kids Nutrition Blueprint course. So, if you are enrolled in that course, you do not need to purchase. The Supplement Guide however is not included in the BLW course.

  3. What ages does it cover?

    It includes supplement and dosage amounts from birth to 18 years of age so that you can confidently supplement throughout the years.

  4. Do you offer specific dosages for the suggested brands?

    I understand your interest in specific dosages tailored to the brand you're considering. However, the Supplement Guide doesn't provide this level of detail. Providing specific dosages for supplement brands falls under 'individualized nutrition,' which requires a professional-patient relationship.

    In the Supplement Guide, you'll find dosages and Recommended Daily Intakes for each nutrient across different age groups. This should help you determine how much of the supplement you'll need to give to your kids.

    If you would like further support, please consider working together by scheduling a call with me here.